Love’s depth (Profundidad del amor) – Juan Sánchez Peláez

The love letters I wrote in my childhood were memories of a future lost paradise. The uncertain path of my hope was crossed over the musical hills of my native country. What I chased was the fragile roe deer, the fleeting greyhound, the stone’s beauty that becomes an angel. Yet I do not give out before the drowned sea of the kisses. To the cities encounters- The ankles of an imagined architecture as guide The fury of the prodigal son as food. The parks that dream on the snow, as ancestors, The trees that incite to the greatest melancholy, the oxygen doors the warm southern haze shakes, the deadly woman whose back sweetly inclines in the dismal riverbanks. I love the magic Pearl hidden in the eyes of the silent ones, The bitter dagger of the taciturn. My heart have become the boat of the night and guard of the oppressed. My forehead is the tragic clay, the mortal large candle of the fallen ones, The bell of the autumn afternoons, the sail directed to the less fortunate port or to the most dispossessed one by the storm gusts. I see myself facing the sun, in front of the Mediterranean bays, Voice that flows from a birds’ grass.

My love letters were not love letters, but viscera of loneliness. My love letters were kidnaped by the overseas falcons that are going through the childhood mirror.

My love letters are offerings of a courtesans’ paradise.

What will happen later, for not to tell tomorrow? The old decrepit whispers. Perhaps death whistles, in front of her enchanted eyes, the most beautiful love ballad.


Traducción al ingles por Elena Lizcano del poema Profundidad del amor de Juan Sánchez Peláez (Elena y los elementos, 1951).

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